Our Purpose: Mission & Goals

MISSION: We seek to exalt and honor God by a growing faith that is strengthened and expressed in our worship of God and obedience to His Word, in our loving and sacrificial responses to the needs of one another, and in our zeal to share God’s love with a world that is broken by sin.

GOALS:  In order to fulfill our mission as a local church, we must faithfully pursue the following goals based on our relationship with the Lord, others in the body of Christ, and a world separated from Him:

1. We will know, love, and serve God personally and corporately through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ that includes the disciplines of worshiping, praying, studying the Bible, obeying Him daily, and confessing our sins.

2.  We will love one another and seek unity in the Body of Christ by:

  • Encouraging others to grow in Christ and to faithfully follow Him
  • Identifying and exercising our spiritual gifts
  • Preparing and involving everyone in effective ministry
  • Strengthening and supporting families
  • Restoring those in spiritual rebellion
  • Lovingly correcting doctrinal error
  • Offering comfort and assistance to those in need, and accepting those in Christ who are different from us

3.  We will faithfully express God’s love for a world broken by sin through sharing the good news of forgiveness for sin and salvation in Christ, loving responses to those who would harm us, expressing compassion to those with spiritual, emotional, or material needs, standing against evil in society, and praying for government authorities.